The ScreenTime feature on the Parental Values App for Android lets you keep track of several things at once. It gives you the ability to track your child's total screen time, see how long your child has been using a specific application, and limit excess usage of specific applications.


Is your child spending too much time on their phone? ScreenTime allows you to see and control exactly how much time your child is spending staring at their device. Put a limit into the app, and it will alert you as soon as your child exceeds this limit. It even shows you how many times an app has been tapped, so you can see exactly where they are spending their time. Worried your child is up past their bedtime? The timeline stats give parents insight into exactly when children are using their devices. The Parental Values Android App helps parents prevent their children from spending too much time in front of the screen with its ScreenTime feature.

Phone showing in-app screen of an example of how the ScreenTime feature for Android works.