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17Oct 2021

Covid-19 is a nasty bug that is forcing the world to literally rediscovering itself, while fighting tooth-and-nail to keep itself together. Right now, children are spending an enormous amount of energy and time on digital games, chat, and web related activities, so the question is how are children going to differentiate the good and bad experiences during these times… some of which will certainly will never change. How does that effect your relationship with your kids? Let’s get into that…

“Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly.”

P. J. O’Rourke

Beyond the possibility that kids will forever remember missing out on school classes and friendships for many months; they will surely not want to remember the battles they had with their parents during the Corona quarantine, so let’s cover what the alternative could look like. Parental Control apps cares about in this pandemic situation to monitor child activities like Parental Values LLC offering best parental control application for android users:

A parent’s job is to be a parent first and be a friend second: when all else fails and the phrases “YOU need a better education” … “YOU need a job” … “GIVE ME YOUR PHONE” or whatever comes to mind, never forget that the good memories should always outweigh the bad. Communication is the absolute best parental control and when all else fails, having the right parental controls can help save or change the direction of your child’s life.

“Poverty of Goods is easily cured; poverty of the soul, impossible.”

Michel de Montaigne

According to 19.5% of New Mexico is in Poverty and 85.3% of its children graduate high school (check your own hometown), which means that the average family has some serious planning to prepare for what life might look like after the corona virus pandemic. Now is the time to set rules and set the right example to prepare your kids to handle difficult situations and have the right mindset to stay away from bad influences: if your children are using an Android, you need to recognise that the parental controls that are developed specifically by Android developers are different than what a cell phone company or internet service provider will sell you (think about that)

While kids are not in school and are soaking up the digital lifestyle; what in your mind is the very worst that could happen? Have you had one of those weeks where you thought things could not get any worse? The last thing you want to deal with is a child that gets caught up in some black-hat hacker’s intentions: according to, there are many opportunities that we’re confident that you would prefer not experiencing. Even if your child has it figured and has the best and greatest parents of the year, communicate with your children that parental controls are in place for a good reason.

“The awful importance of this life is that it determines eternity.”

William Barclay

At the end of the day; your child’s ideal occupation might be doing cartwheels on a tightrope; but remember that as the person that they look up to, it is more important for them to hear you say “Get to doing more cartwheels” opposed to “Your out of your mind!”… and then setup your parental controls.

Parental Values is developed to address parents’ demand to guide and protect their children; let us know about yours experience, we are always listening to our customers to ensure that we are providing the best parental controls on the market.

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