The Internet Filter is one of the best features of the Parental Values app for Android and has much more to it than just blocking websites. This feature also keeps track of the frequency in which your child visits any one website, the exact date and time it was visited, and how long your child spent there. It gives you complete access to the web history of your child's cell phone and lets you control what your children search for on the web and what sites they visit. It will even show you how many times your child visits a website and for how long. With this online filtering feature, you are in control of your child’s web surfing activities.


Blocking sites is easy - open the internet filter portal and type the complete URL in the empty field. When the site shows up under the "Unblock" category list, you know it has been blocked. You can unblock it whenever you wish. The "keyword" field is a feature that lets you filter out all the inappropriate keywords from a website. You just have to type in your desired keyword, and the app will filter it out from the website.

Parental Values cares about your child's innocence, so we've taken care of every detail - adding as many features as possible into a single application. If you're looking for an app that features Internet Filtering for Android, Parental Values is your best choice.

Two phone screens showing the appearance of the block websites and web activity elements of the internet filter app feature for Android.