Kids Daily Schedule is one of the main features of the Parental Values App for Android. It helps you manage your kid’s time according to their daily schedule. For instance, your kids can enjoy games and TV shows in their free time. However, as soon as their free time is up, they will have limited access to their phone. The app will also notify your child about the tasks they need to perform. This feature helps your kids become punctual and responsible.


The Kid’s Daily Schedule feature comes with built-in recommendations for time management such as bedtime, dinnertime, lunchtime, study time, and playtime. Let’s suppose you set lunchtime from 1 pm to 3 pm – your kids won’t be able to access their device until that timer finishes. The same goes for all other categories and any custom events you add. This feature encourages your kids to follow the schedule that you create for them.

The Parental Values App for Android makes it easy to manage your child’s time and keep them on task with the Kids Daily Schedule feature.

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