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16aug 2018

Why Parental Controls Are Necessary?

Parental controls are more necessary today than ever before. Sometimes I feel like I should just take my family right off the grid. If I am busy around the house and my kids are sitting on the computer or an iPod, I go bonkers and kicks them outside.

Actually they have a choice. They can start folding laundry or get outside and find something to do. It drives me crazy to see kids just sitting around. Kids are supposed to have all of this energy and free time. When as adults do we get hours and hours of free time where someone is telling us to just play?

With that being said, there are times when I allow them to use their devices. Here at home I can control them a little bit. I can use a variety of parental controls to make sure that when they type in a word, they don't get a big surprise! I can also put apps on their stuff that limits their time on them. Sometimes that's better than me telling them it's time to get off. It takes the "bad cop" label off of me.

Having a conversation with your kids, empowering responsible behavior and building their digital resilience, so they comprehend what to do if something terrible happens is something that needs to be done more often. However, Parental Controls is known to be the best first step that you can take to secure your child’s childhood.

First of all, you need to know what parental controls are.

Well, Parental Controls is a software that has been developed to enable parents to set controls on their child’s daily mobile usage. It is known to be an extraordinary method for keeping youngsters from accessing inappropriate content on the websites and minimizing their mobile’s usage which could get them lazy and irresponsible.

Parental Values has built up a mobile application that enables you to make a customized agenda for setting parental controls in your home and on your family's gadgets. This application contains a lot of features which will play a vital role in your life while you continue to enhance your parenting skills.

What sorts of features are we talking about?

Following are the features made available in this application.

Apps Blocking
Time Management
Safe Drive
Unknown Call Blocking
Message Monitoring
Geolocation Control
Web Control
Set Reminders
Limit Screen Time
Panic Button

What do they do and how can we possibly benefit from them?

Application Blocking –

With the help of this feature you can prevent your kids from using certain applications by blocking them with just a single click. Not all applications should be used by the kids.

Managing the time –

Put time limit to your kid’s devices which will tell them what they should be doing at this certain hour. Your kids should know what responsibilities are!

Safe Drive –

Let's you set up a certain speed limit so that if your kid crosses that limit while driving or even in a taxi, you will be notified immediately.

Blocking the unknown numbers –

This feature lets you block all the unknown incoming calls and only your chosen contacts will be able to communicate with your kids. After all, strangers are not friends!

Monitoring the messages –

Filters out the restricted words from the text messages and notifies you if a restricted word has been received in the text message.

Geolocation Control –

This feature let's you track down the whereabout of your kids. You will be able to track your kids exact location and he/she won't even be able to lie to you about it.

Web Control –

You can control the online searches too now. Set filters to the online content to block or warn your kids from viewing inappropriate content.

Setting Reminders –

Let's you set a reminder for your kids so that they won't be able to forget important schedules that have been made for them.

Limiting the screen time –

Now you will be able to limit the screen time on your kids device so that they don't use their phone all the time and would rather sleep instead.

Panic Button –

Panic button has been designed for the kids who could get stuck in an unpleasant situation so that the parents get notified about it.

So what would it be a good idea for you to do?

Setting up controls are not a solitary answer for being safe online; conversing with your kids and empowering mindful conduct is basic. Nonetheless, controls are a fundamental initial step to ensuring your youngster on the web, and here seven simple steps that you can do:

1. Set up home broadband parental controls: make use of controls on your home broadband.

2. Set controls on your search engine: encourage your child always to use child-friendly search engines and activate and lock the safe search settings on the browsers and platforms they use.

3. Make sure every device is protected: controls should be installed on every device your child uses: mobile phone, tablet and games consoles (both home and handheld).

4. Privacy settings: activate the safety measures offered by different sites; social networking sites like Facebook have privacy settings that will help prevent your child seeing unsuitable advertising.

5. Block pop-ups: if you’re worried about your children accessing inappropriate content though accidentally clicking on adverts in pop-ups, BBC Webwise has advice on how to stop these.

6. Find good sites and agree on them as a family: by talking to your child about their interests you can help them find suitable sites to visit and apps to use. Review these sites as they get older.

7. Manage their use and access: your child may be less likely to let you know they’re distressed by something they’ve seen online if they think you’ll take away their internet access but it may be appropriate to do this in some instances. Be aware of this when talking to them, and let them know they can talk to you or a trusted adult whenever they need to.